ATZWANGER joins the project aimed at preserving the permafrost of the Dolomites

Rescue Permafrost” is a project that aims to prevent the phenomenon of the thawing of permafrost, which is accelerated by the advancing climate change. The negative repercussions of permafrost melting are many; among them, soil instability and damage to infrastructure. The mountain station of the Pian Ra Valles - Ra Valles - Bus Tofana chairlift was the area chosen for the testing of this ambitious project. An innovative cooling circuit that transfers heat from the coldest to the warmest areas is used to prevent or slow down the thawing of permafrost soil, caused by the heat emanating from the surrounding masses. The temperature reduction is accomplished through a geothermal system in combination with a heat pump powered by photovoltaic panels. The heat extracted from the permafrost is then released into the external environment. The project uses mainly renewable energy sources, which makes it ecologically sustainable.

The engineer and president of Tofana GmbH-Srl, Engineer Mario Vascellari, coordinated the initiative supported by a team of highly qualified experts, including Engineer Roberto Cossetto, technical director of ATZWANGER AG-SpA. As one of the partners and promoters of this project, we carried out all the mechanical plant engineering, including the refrigeration plant and the laying of the PEAD pipes connecting the geothermal probes. Engineer Cossetto managed the works on behalf of ATZWANGER AG-SpA together with project manager Mr. Martin Fischer.

Video of the project:

We are proud to have been involved in this important project that aims to counter the effects of climate change. We would like to thank Engineer Mario Vascellari, Tofana GmbH-Srl and all our colleagues who have followed the initiative with dedication and commitment

Martin Atzwanger
Delegate of the Board of Directors