Wastewater treatment plant in Vilnius is now operational

After the completion of the first construction phase, the project implemented by “Vilniaus vandenys” with a total investment of 37.1 million euros is now operational. The expanded plant operates according to the principles of the circular economy and uses secondary raw materials for its energy production.

The wastewater treatment plant is designed to meet the growing needs of the city and its strict environmental requirements. Following the reconstruction, the plant's capacity has increased by approx. 60 percent, handling up to 225 cubic meters of wastewater daily with a capacity of now approx. 1 million A.E. (habitants equivalents).

The successful completion of the reconstruction is an excellent example of how EU funding can contribute to a cleaner and more sustainable living. The rapid population growth and economic expansion of the city has made the implementation and development of water management technologies an absolute necessity. In this sense, the expanded plant will play a fundamental role in shaping a greener future for Vilnius and we at ATZWANGER are pleased to have been part of it.

We at ATZWANGER are proud to have developed part of this important project, together with our Lithuanian partner UAB Arginta, which will serve to guarantee a better and more sustainable future for the city, the people and the environment of Vilnius.

Managing director