RDF Production Plant Slovenj Gradec


Primorje awarded ATZWANGER Spa with the design and implementation of automated electro-mechanical works for the production of Refuse Derived Fuel (RDF) and compost. The project involves the construction of a facility with a section for aerobic stabilization of organic source separated waste and another section for stabilization and mechanical treatment for mixed municipal waste aimed at the recovery of material. The proposed technology is designed to automate the process and to maintain the separation of the treated flows. The plant includes two sections:
• A section for the stabilization and production of refuse derived fuel, characterized by an initial phase of mechanical pre-treatment, a second phase of stabilization in aerated piles and a subsequent final phase of refining and shredding. RDF can be produced as follows: pressed in bales, shredded to small sizes or supplied as it is at medium size;
• A section for composting, characterized by an initial phase of mechanical pre-treatment, a second phase of composting in aerated piles with automatic turning over and a final phase of refinement. The second phase is characterized by the stabilization of the organic matter and results in a mature raw compost with a higher content of humic substances. The final phase of refinement is obtained with a double step of ballistic screening with in-line deplastification unit, with the aim of improving the quality of the final product. The handling of materials in the two sections is done exclusively with the use of a bridge crane. The final products to be subjected to recovery activities are:
• Fuel from waste to be used in “waste-to-energy” plants;
• Mixed compost (soil amendment) to be used in agriculture.
The plant is equipped with air suction and odour control systems that use the biofiltration process and guarantee the required environmental parameters.


Hard Facts

System description: Composting, stabilization, RDF production and odour control
Waste processed: Organic source separated waste and mixed municipal waste
Plant capacity: 25,000 t/year

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