Dry Anaerobic Digestion Plant Sogliano

Sogliano/Emilia Romagna

Sogliano Ambiente has awarded ATZWANGER with the design and construction of the equipment of an integrated waste treatment system. The plant uses a combination of anaerobic (digestion) and aerobic (composting) processes for the treatment of organic waste with recovery of electric energy and compost.
The process includes two successive phases:
• Fermentation phase in an anaerobic environment, with degradation of the organic matter and formation of biogas (methane gas and carbon dioxide): the biogas recovered in this phase is used to fuel two engines which produce electric energy and heat;
• Composting phase, organized in two successive phases, intensive bio-oxidisation and maturation (curing). The first phase, that takes place in bio-tunnels, is marked by a rapid decomposition of the organic matter, with an intense metabolic activity and rise in temperature; the resulting product is fresh compost. The second phase, called “curing”, takes place on the maturation floor and the final product is mature compost with a higher content of humic substances.
The final products of the recovery process are:
• Biogas used in gas engines for the production of electrical energy and heat;
• Quality compost to be used in agriculture;
• Bio-stabilised material.
The plant is equipped with an air extraction system and a bio-filter for the control of the odours generated by the process. The project is completed by Sogliano Ambiente with the installation of a photovoltaic plant on the roof of the building that contains the stabilisation process.


Hard Facts

Plant capacity: 50,000 t/year

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