CHP Shyolkovo Oblast with gas turbines


Realization of a new trigeneration plant in Shelkowo (Russia), which will provide electricity, heating and cooling.
The main components are: 2 methane gas turbines 3,5 MWe, 2 recovery boilers, an additional Methane gas boiler with 6,8 MWt and 2 electric boiler with 1 MWt for warm water production and 2 absorber with 2,45 MWt. The electrical system was realized from Siemens.

Hard Facts

Gasturbine: Turbomach / Solar
Absorber: Century
Gas Boiler: Viessmann
Recovery boiler: Garioni Naval
Electrical capacity: 2 * 3.500 kWe
Thermal output: max. 22.000 kWt
Cooling capacity: 2 * 2.450 kW