Biomass fired cogeneration plant and district heating net Cavalese


Turnkey delivery of the overall biomass district heating station of Cavalese, including supply, installation and commissioning (as well as 3 months plant management) of:
• Overall construction of the DH station;
• Biomass-Heat Boiler, including automated loading system and flue gas purification and condensation systems;
• Methane boiler and heat-energy coupling;
• Thermo-hydraulic System and remote monitoring system for the DH station;
• District heating grid, including excavation and underground engineering, with an overall length of about 20.000 m;
• Heat transfer stations, including remote monitoring, regulation and commissioning for about 400 recipients;
• Electrical system for the DH plant.

Hard Facts

Installed capacity: 12.400 kW/h
Biomass-heat boiler: KOLBACH
Conduit system: SOCOLOGSTOR
Alarm system: Nordic, CWA

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