Alperia’s new thermal energy storage in Bozen Süd/Bolzano Sud

As part of the expansion of Bolzano's district heating network, Alperia’s new thermal energy storage near Bozen Süd/Bolzano Sud was recently put into operation.


The new 43-metre-high tower stores the energy from the waste heat produced in the waste incineration furnace. The storage capability of 5,800 m³ of water at a temperature of approximately 95°C corresponds to a storage capacity of 220 MWh. It will thus balance the peak loads of the district heating network's heat demand. In addition, even more customers will be able to connect to the district heating network and it will be ensured that safe and clean heat can be provided. 


We are delighted to have contributed as lead contractor and together with our partner companies to the realisation of this project. This included the building of the thermal energy storage, the new pumping station and the connection to the existing district heating network.


As a contribution to the architectural improvement of the city, Alperia, together with the Bolzano architectural association, announced an architectural competition for the new thermal energy storage tower. The winning project was designed by a team of architects from Bolzano.


A result that is visible every evening: the tower has been cladded with a backlit aluminium facade. Holes of different sizes in the cladding, which resemble water bubbles, and in combination with several hundred LEDs, create an incredible play of colours at night.