Pioneering Sustainability: Moving beyond Coal

Cottbus, traditionally known for its reliance on lignite, has set a significant milestone in energy supply. Under the leadership of ATZWANGER and CEFLA S.C. from Imola, the completely coal-free combined heat and power plant has been in operation since September 2022, providing a climate-friendly and reliable district heating solution.

Powered by five gas engines, the plant has an impressive electrical output of 51.9 MW alongside a thermal output of 50.5 MW. These engines are complemented by 15 pressurised thermal storage tanks with a combined thermal capacity of 300 MWh and expansion tank designed for water absorption.

The benefits of this innovative project are numerous: an annual reduction of 100,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions, a significant improvement in the primary energy factor from 0.7% to 0.25% and a remarkable increase in efficiency from 70% to 90%. The use of cutting-edge storage technologies ensures optimal utilisation of the energy produced. In addition, the new combined heat and power plant introduces a high degree of flexibility in heat generation and serves as a key player in the electricity markets.

As part of a larger investment initiative mandated by the German government, the plant's transition from coal-fired to gas-fired power is in line with broader efforts to reduce CO2 emissions and create a sustainable energy landscape.

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We at ATZWANGER are proud to be part of this pioneering project, which not only represents technological innovation, but also a decisive step towards sustainability.

Christoph Atzwanger
Vice President of the Board of Directors