Cape of Senses Hotel at Lake Garda has opened

The pool water business division has accomplished another major achievement within the hotel industry: the luxurious "Cape of Senses" on Lake Garda now provides a 360° swimming experience

From October 2022 to July 2023, the ATZWANGER team led by project managers Matthias Egger and Stefan Werner has implemented all the pools and the related pool water installations for the new building. The five-star hotel with lake view now offers four suite and/or rooftop pools, a sports pool and an indoor and outdoor pool with air and water attractions. The pool water is treated by automatically operated multi-layer filters. Highly efficient special pumps convey the circulating water and that of the attractions. The disinfectant is made directly on site and the calcium hypochlorite solution produced is added to each individual basin as needed. Microprocessor-controlled measuring devices detect the parameters of chlorine, pH value, redox and temperature. Depending on the values measured, chlorine, pH value and temperature are regulated accordingly. The entire plant is controlled by a freely programmable controller and visually displayed by a visualisation system. 

A relaxing stay is waiting for all the guests.

I am very pleased that we were able to support the owners, the South Tyrolean family Margesin, in this important project. It is always a pleasure to know that one's work helps to create unforgettable moments for many people.

Hubert Andergassen
head of pool water division