Together for a carefree swimming experience

ATZWANGER and Berndorf Bäderbau have a long-standing partnership. The first joint projects were completed in the early 1970s, including the outdoor pools in Trebic, Invalidovna and Kobylisy in the former Czechoslovakia and the indoor pool in Eskilstuna, Sweden. In addition to professional cooperation, personal and private contacts have also developed over the decades.

Berndorf Bäderbau – part of Berndorf AG – has been a leading manufacturer of swimming pool plants since 1960 and has developed a special construction method based on its decades of experience in building stainless steel swimming pools. This method is characterized by its flexibility in adapting to a wide range of conditions. In addition, stainless steel is a material of outstanding quality, making it a sustainable and timeless investment for decades to come. Research and development have always been an important part of the company culture.

With tailor-made planning, elegant design and high-quality workmanship, ATZWANGER, together with Berndorf Bäderbau, guarantees swimming fun of the highest standard. The stainless steel swimming pools and tailor-made pool water plants are central elements of adventure and sports pools and leisure facilities in the public sector as well as in hotels and rehabilitation clinics. The result is elegant aquatic oases that emphasize economy, design and optimum performance – especially in the public sector.

The cooperation between the two companies has developed and proven itself over the decades in a variety of ways: on a case-by-case basis, ATZWANGER and Berndorf Bäderbau take on projects together as general contractors or subcontractors, act as consortium in tenders or are suppliers of the respective fields of expertise for the same project. Naturally, the exchange of information in a spirit of partnership always supports the sales force and project development.

A good example of a long-term joint project is Fügen in the Zillertal. The outdoor adventure pool was built in 1990 with Berndorf Bäderbau as general contractor and ATZWANGER as subcontractor. In 2006, the same team completed the Erlebnistherme Fügen. This year, ATZWANGER is the technical general contractor for the extension, while Berndorf Bäderbau is the subcontractor for the stainless steel pools. In other words, a tailor-made cooperation that repeatedly confirms the trust of the customer.

Speaking of trust: many outdoor pools from the 1970s and 1980s are now being renovated and extended – in many cases with the same trusted partners. Berndorf Bäderbau and ATZWANGER are currently working together on the outdoor pools in Hall in Tyrol (following the first project in 2003), Westendorf, Hard in Vorarlberg, Feldthurns/Velturno in South Tyrol/Alto Adige and the outdoor pool in Teisendorf in Bavaria.

“Good and fair cooperation in joint projects was and is of decisive importance for the success of all parties involved. With ATZWANGER, we are able to develop, implement and complete projects successfully and efficiently through appreciation, fairness and coordination on an equal footing. It is important to us that everyone involved contributes their strengths and works together on solutions to achieve long-term success. We look forward to continuing our joint projects” – Günter Wallner, Head of Municipal Division, Berndorf Bäderbau

“It is a source of satisfaction and motivation for our company to be able to work with a leading international company in the stainless steel pool sector. Both partners always put the customer first” – Thomas Atzwanger, Delegate of the Board of Directors, ATZWANGER AG/SpA