Reconstruction of the wastewater treatment plant made by ATZWANGER

In a tender together with the lithuanian lead company UAB Arginta Vilniaus Vandenys, ATZWANGER was awarded the contract for the reconstruction of Vilnius’ wastewater treatment plant. Vilniaus Vandenys, the leading water management company in Lithuania, commissioned the project, worth approximately EUR 33 million.

The construction, which started in June 2021, will have a duration of three years. The largest wastewater treatment plant in the city and province of Vilnius collects and treats more than 100,000 cubic metres of wastewater per day. After the reconstruction works, the capacity of the treatment plant will increase to 160,000 cubic metres of wastewater per day.

The contract includes the renovation of all six existing biological basins (nitrification/denitrification). Thanks to modern technologies for the removal of nitrogen and phosphorous pollutants, ATZWANGER guarantees a higher level of purification and a significant increase in plant capacity. A new pre-treatment plant (rake, sand treatment and air treatment) and work on the primary and secondary sludge lines are also planned.