Unique water quality at the swimming centre Tenero CST

The Swiss national youth swimming and sports centre Tenero CST in Ticino was designed 30 years ago by the architect Mario Botta. It provides numerous young people, particularly those specialising in elite sports, with an outstanding infrastructure in the southernmost canton of the Swiss Confederation.

Now it is set to shine in renewed splendour and will be renovated, partially demolished and supplemented with a new building. Around 100 million Swiss francs from the Swiss federal government's sports funding pool are available for the project.

We at ATZWANGER are helping to create optimal conditions for popular and top-class sports: the pool water division team was entrusted with the planning and construction of the pool water treatment system. Young swimmers can look forward to an Olympic pool, whirlpool, ice pool, cold water regeneration pool, warm water regeneration pool and a training pool. A diving pool and a swimming channel will complete the indoor areas. The building will be constructed in two stages: the indoor pool is currently under construction and the outdoor pool will be built between 2025 and 2027.

A total of 25 filters and reaction containers will be installed, which will then circulate the water with the help of 35 pumps. Nothing but the best for the future Swiss Olympic contestants and champions!