The company received the Apave certification for gender equality

We are proud to announce that the certification body Apave Certification Italia awarded ATZWANGER SpA the certification for gender equality. This certificate is an important confirmation of ATZWANGER team's ongoing commitment to the daily implementation of measures that ensure gender equality on the workplace, in accordance with the Uni/PdR 125:2022 regulation, which defines the guidelines and requirements of the reference practice.

The certification was awarded to our Italian headquarters in Bozen/Bolzano (Italy) and our office in Palmanova (Udine), recognising equal management of human resources in the planning, construction, installation, maintenance and management of technological, energy, waste and drinking- and wastewater plants.

This certificate and others received by our firm can be found here

We at ATZWANGER are proud of this important recognition, which confirms the key role that gender equality plays for us, as a transversal value that guides the different corporate realities of all our offices.

Thomas Atzwanger
President and Delegate of the Board of Directors